LW Synch Snap-T Pullover

The description given on the Australian website is unfortunately a bit off –  there aren’t any handwarmer pockets in the Pullover nor (obviously) is there a full-front zipper. That means we’re not entirely sure that the rest of the info is correct, but as best as we can tell, the rest of it checks out.

The big thing to remember for the Pullover is the the “Y joint sleeve”. The idea behind this feature is to allow the wearer to reach up into the air without the waist of the jumper riding up (or coming out over your climbing harness). The result of this feature is that there is a large amount of material under your armpits.


Note the large amount of fabric bunching up in the arms.

If you’re not taking this piece of kit climbing, the fit overall is pretty generous. We found that the best use for the Pullover is over another jumper for when you’re really feeling the cold. Unless your mid-layer is gigantic, you’ll get a very nice fit with the Pullover on top. It’s not bad either for slobbing around the house on a winter’s day.


The chest pocket will fit a normal sized phone, a small wallet or your keys. Otherwise you’re out of storage options.



As you can see from the two photos above, the Synch Snap-T has a lycra/spandex cuff and hem. Fortunately (at least on our pullover) we haven’t had the same ‘riding up’ problems we had with the Snap-T Hoody.


The snaps mean you don’t have any issues with a bit of metal sticking into your chin, but at the cost of the more convenient zipper close. You’ll also get a decent amount of wind protection on the neck with the standup collar.

If you’re looking for a non-climbing, non-layered jumper then you are better off with the Snap-T Hoody or some other option. Otherwise, it can be a handy option for super cold days outside where you need to layer up and can then double as a power bill-reducing jumper on the home front.


WE WORE: Raspen Red, small size.

MATERIALS: 100% polyester (85% recycled) fleece.

PRICE: AUD $169.95

WEBSITE: Check it out here. (They’re all sold out at the moment due to the end of winter sale.)


Review by @carpobrotus. He is 6’1 and weighs 65kgs. You might find this useful when considering what size might fit you well.

Follow him on Twitter at @carpobrotus, follow Patagonia Reviews Australia at @patagoniareview and follow our blog at and the usual social media sites.

DISCLOSURE: No disclosure required on this one, we paid for the Snap-T ourselves. (Unfortunately) we did not receive any payment for this review.

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