Seed Sessions – Knobby Club Rush

We reckon that sometimes the whole planting from seed or cuttings thing can be a bit overblown in terms of the steps taken to get them going. Below we’ll show you that it’s pretty easy, very cheap and satisfying.

We’re not too worried about the time of year they are sown in the case of Knobby Club Rush, or the soil or anything else really.

The seeds we used in this post are actually from a plant that we grew from seed…from our parents house (they probably were lucky enough to have theirs naturally sown).

Step 1 – Grab some seed heads off a mature knobby club rush. (25 April 2017)


Step 2 – Roll the seed heads between your hands or otherwise break them up. (25 April 2017)


Step 3 – Brush them off into a pot. We used some pretty old soil in this one. (25 April 2017)
Step 3 – Even an old yogurt pot will do. (25 April 2017)

Don’t bury the seeds – not necessary. For starters it’s probably best to water them with a spray bottle rather than a watering can or hose. Unless the soil is drying out quickly, probably watering once a week is fine. There were definitely times we didn’t water these guys for 2 weeks or more.

3 June 2017.jpg
2 June 2017 – we have some rushes coming up!


5 august 2017 (1).JPG
Here we are 3.5 months later!

The beauty of this method is if you have access to mature club rush already, you aren’t paying anything for the seeds and can afford to fail (just don’t get greedy, leave most of the seeds for nature).

We’ll post again in a few months to give you an update.

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