Friends of the Bluff

For some time now we’ve used the Friends of the Bluff booklet “Plants that Clothe the Bluff” for plant identification as a lot of the flora listed are spread along the Victorian coast (the book is about the Barwon Heads region in particular).

There’s a colour booklet that we managed to procure but they don’t appear to be widely available. If you can’t track it down yourself though, you can access the booklet here. Very handy to put on your smartphone, which you’re much more likely to have on you when you’re out and about than a book on plants.

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Coast Beard Heath

Warrnambool has a lot of Coast Beard Heath. The local boffins reckon it’s due to being one of the less tasty plants around, which meant when livestock used to graze in the dunes, they left ole Beard Heath alone.

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Our namesake – Carpobrotus. Have you read our bush tucker post?

There’s a few very similar looking plants to Carpobrotus – let me know in the comments if I’ve got this wrong.

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Nobody doesn’t love…small-leaved Clematis


The “feathery seed heads” that this plant produces can look pretty suss. I’ll snap some photos once they come back.

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I’d say this is a Seaberry Saltbush

If you really want to nerd out, also get their bird book and sea-life book.

You can check them out on Facebook and on your browser. If you live in the area you should join their group – Friends of the Bluff.





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