LW Synch Snap-T Hoody

We think we might have found our replacement for the Active Better Sweater Hoody. It kicks a fair bit of arse (ass for any U.S. readers). It’s warm, it’s comfortable and it looks good.

The zippers are always a bit fancier when it comes to Patagonia:


The signature snap pocket comfortably fits an iPhone SE and you can get an iPhone 6 in if you’re happy with not closing the snap:


The hood isn’t messing about. It’s a three panel set-up and gets well down over your forehead. There’s plenty of room for a cap and possibly something bigger. The dark blue rim of the hood shown below is elasticised so it also hugs your face closely. Some have reckoned that a drawstring would be better, but we don’t think it’s an issue. The chest zip on our’s comes all the way up to the bottom of the chin. As someone on the U.S. reviews pointed out, without a zipper guard you are going to run into trouble in freezing conditions – if it’s that cold though, this is not the clothing you’re looking for.


As with our review of the sadly departed Light and Variable Hoody, the cuffs aren’t going to cling tightly to your wrist, but they do incrementally add a bit of protection.


There is a fair bit of fabric under the armpit (you’ll understand our interest in this if you’ve read the review mentioned at the top of the post) but it’s not dramatic and you’re not going to look like the Michelin Man.


The only complaint we can make is that it’s a fairly bulky piece of kit and this can become apparent at the bottom of the hoody if you’re not also wearing something bulky down-town. With the elasticised hem, it might also run up your body slightly and you’ll find yourself having to yank it down from time-to-time.

All in all a very very nice hoody, albeit one you want to get on sale if at all possible.

WE WORE: Nickel, small size (Currently they are stocked in black and raspen red)

MATERIALS: 100% polyester (80-85% recycled) Synchilla® fleece

PRICE: AUD $229.95 

WEBSITE: Check it out here.


Review by @carpobrotus. He is 6’1 and weighs 65kgs. You might find this useful when considering what size might fit you well.

Follow him on Twitter at @carpobrotus, follow Patagonia Reviews Australia at @patagoniareview and follow our blog at thunderpoint.com.au and the usual social media sites.

DISCLOSURE: No disclosure required on this one, we paid for the hoody ourselves. (Unfortunately) we did not receive any payment for this review.

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