International Cloud Atlas

You may not know it, but on 23 March this year, a new cloud atlas was published online by the World Meteorological Organisation. This updates the previous atlas, which was previously only available in paper format and published in 1987. You can now check out the 1987 version here or the 1975 revised version here.

Interestingly the WMO ran an image submission site here for people to post rare or interesting clouds, in a clever crowd-sourcing effort. Submissions have now closed with the publication of the new atlas, you can however still browse a few sample shots. There are numerous clouds added to the updated version of the atlas, including our favorite the flumen.

Copyright probably prevents us from posting the images on the site here directly, so you’ll have to be satisfied with some of our own pics from over the years.

Here’s a massive storm front that we were lucky enough to catch a few years ago in SW Victoria:

This beauty cumulus was on South Uist (UK):


On Mauna Kea in 2015. A tropical inversion cloud layer according to the University of Hawaii, see their page on Mauna Kea here:

hawaii 012.JPG

Large storm clouds somewhere in SW Victoria:


We threw in this one, because the rain on the horizon isn’t something you see everyday.


Finally, if you want to see a watercolour painting in the sky, do a Google search for Nacreous clouds. They look great.

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