Active Better Sweater Hoody

We’ve had a tortured history with the Active Better Sweater Hoody.

First we ordered a small in the Bandana Blue (blue and red colours). The fit appeared to be fantastic and it looked great.

After wearing it on a long walk and then back at home, we found that over time, the seam join at the chest/armpit area was tight enough that you didn’t particularly notice it while you were out and about but left you feeling sore or irritated for the rest of the day. This was not a minor thing – it was bad enough that we couldn’t justify keeping it.


(The zipper pulls are nice and you get them for the hand-warmer pockets and the Napoleon pocket.)

Mrs Carpobrotus tried it on too for a laugh (there’s over a foot in height difference between us – her hands disappeared in the sleeves) and even she noticed the issue.

That consigned the small to ebay (as unfortunately we’d already washed it).

On to the medium size, this time in the black option. Here we thought, the search for the perfect hoody was over. Looked great (would be our recommendation for colour) felt great (initially) and with the extra size should have been right.

But deep down in the sub-cockle region (apologies to Dennis Leary), we knew after a while that the same problem existed. It wasn’t as tight as the small size, but the old digging-in-near-the-armpit issue was there. At least this time we could return it to the good folks at Patagonia.

From the few times we wore it we can say that the stretchy side panels were good for mobility but it was pretty noticeable that wind protection was reduced through those areas. The panels are a darker blue material which you can see below:



The hood comes nearly down to the eyebrows and keeps close to the face. It also does a good job of protecting your throat from the wind:


The main material (polyester knitted fleece) feels excellent. Taking a look underneath:


If you have the body shape that doesn’t have the problem we experienced, then this will be an awesome (albeit expensive) hoody for you. Our suggestion is buy this hoody in-store. If you can’t get to a store you should consider carefully whether this a good option for you.

WE WORE: Bandana Blue (blue and red colours), small size – black, medium size

MATERIALS: Polyester knitted fleece, spandex Polartec® Power Stretch®

PRICE: AUD $229.95 

WEBSITE: Check it out here.


Review by @carpobrotus. He is 6’1 and weighs 65kgs. You might find this useful when considering what size might fit you well.

Follow him on Twitter at @carpobrotus, follow Patagonia Reviews Australia at @patagoniareview and follow our blog at and the usual social media sites.

DISCLOSURE: No disclosure required on this one, we paid for the hoody ourselves. (Unfortunately) we did not receive any payment for this review.

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