The endemic birds of Tasmania – Jennifer Cossins

When @standupaddle got back from his summer trip to Tasmania  (hopefully more on that later from him), I was pretty stoked when he handed over Jennifer Cossins book “An illustrated handbook of the endemic birds of Tasmania”.

It has beautiful drawings:


There’s detailed descriptions of each of the birds illustrated, usually including size, feeding habits and habitat.

Should you be lucky enough to get to do some hiking in Tassie and have even a vague interest in birds you should consider grabbing a copy. That way, when you see the “regurgitated seeds of the pink mountain berry” you can sagely say to your companions that the Black Currawong¹ has been barfing again.

Even better, if you hear someone about to cough up a lung in the bush, you might actually be able to identify the dulcet tones of Yellow Wattlebird.

Kids should also like it for the colourful drawings and for when you embarrass yourself making the bird noises to them.

Catch the author on Twitter. Or go and check out her website and buy some of her excellent stuff. The Bird Book is $15.

¹ Don’t mess with the Black Currawong, or it may eat your sandwich and your children.


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