Yerba Backpack 24L

Obviously this bag is designed for both special use – hiking, climbing and travelling, as well as everyday work or student use (thanks to the laptop sleeve). We’ve been using this bag for a few months now as our daily work bag and it hasn’t set a foot wrong.

A friend recently took this bag to Japan for a two week trip. He reported back that it was an excellent day bag – comfortable, big enough to keep the day’s gear in and easy to use. What could we fit in it?


The one point that we found problematic was that if the main compartment wasn’t full of gear, the top compartment tends to slump down over the rest of the bag, even if it only contains a few light items. Keeping a laptop in there actually helps keep the bag rigid and stops some of the slumping. There is a clip over the top of the laptop compartment to stop you smashing it into oblivion when you bend over. We’re yet to try the suggestion of using it as a hydration pocket.


Some people might find the ‘square U’ shaped zipper for the main compartment annoying if you need to access it frequently. More likely though you’ll be using the straight zippered top compartment and a large open sleeve at the front of the bag for more frequently used items. You might need to be cautious though with using the sleeve in situations where strangers might be tempted to stick their hand in there.




Most likely you will end up putting your high-use stuff in the top compartment – keys, wallet, passport and so on. This is a great feature, but as a word of caution – keep that zip closed religiously, otherwise your essentials are going to end up strewn all over the ground and probably pretty well mangled too. We’ve found a good combo to be headphones and papers in the open-sleeve and keys (on the clip) phone and wallet in the top compartment.


The main compartment is really divided in two, the laptop sleeve and main storage area. There are a couple of small organiser pockets in the main storage to keep pens and so on, as well one one mesh covered and velcro closed compartment.

To us, the top handle feels a bit risky if the bag is loaded with heavy gear, but is otherwise serviceable. The side pockets for water aren’t going to fit gigantic bottles (as you’d expect from a smallish bag) but do nicely hold a 600ml bottle and hold it pretty tight too. There’s an adjustable sternum clip as well, which some people have reported snapping.



If you are looking for a straightforward bag, for a combination of day use and simple adventuring stuff, you won’t go wrong.

Patagonia Australia have stopped selling this bag, at least on their online store but it may be available in store and is available from other retailers. The good thing about this is you can now get it for much less than it’s original retail price.

WE USED: Black 24L

MATERIALS: 100% recycled polyester with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish

PRICE: AUD $99.95 – available for $79.95 with other retailers

WEBSITE: Check it out here. (U.S. site)


Review by @carpobrotus. He is 6’1 and weighs 65kgs. You might find this useful when considering what size might fit you well.

Follow him on Twitter at @carpobrotus, follow Patagonia Reviews Australia at @patagoniareview and follow our blog at and the usual social media sites.

DISCLOSURE: No disclosure required on this one, we paid for the bag ourselves. (Unfortunately) we did not receive any payment for this review.

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