Sometimes, you’ve just gotta eat pigface

Eaten any pigface lately?

Given I go by the name @carpobrotus it wouldn’t be right if I’d never tried eating some of it’s fruit.

If you want to see some sensible writing on it, please go and read Kirsten Bradley’s excellent article on the topic over at Her photo’s are better than mine too.

To get stuck into one, unless you want to eat the skin you can pretty much peel off all the red stuff. When you rip off the pointy ends you’ll see what I think is the remains of the flower, which you can see in this picture.

You don’t want to be showing down on that, so start at the other end.

There’s plenty of seeds and some whiteish goo (sounds delicious, yes?) but it takes like a bizarro-land strawberry. Chuck a few in a fruit salad for something different, or act like Les Hiddins as you’re coming back from a surf.

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